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Commerce and Economy

Cascapedia-St-Jules has always relied heavily on the forest, agriculture and the world famous Cascapedia River to provide economically for its citizens. And although it is important to develop these resource based industries we must not forget that we also have the potential to develop our area as a tourist destination. We have many advantages that we have to research and develop and to look at the ability of our community to attract visitors; this would in turn increase employment and income earning opportunities.

Another factor that has helped the Municipality is the fact that we have entrepreneurs who strive to make their small businesses a success. Within the Community we have a snowmobile/lawn tractor shop, a cantine, a bar, a greenhouse/landscaping business, maple sugar camps, the Cascapedia River Museum and tea room and Campbell’s Building Products. We also have one wreath making business and another that has achieved success using natural resources available in the Gaspé, for a number of products and employ not only people from our area but from other Communities as well. This has been a very positive element in the development of the Community. We also have many fishing camps that provide the community with the means of making a living as well as giving a sense of pride in its history.