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Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries and one area where we need to focus our time and energy to develop. To keep our community alive and moving forward, we must provide an opportunity for everyone in the community to profit from this potential market.

Action plan 2011 - 2014 :

*Welcome signs – we need to put up about 4 signs at various entrance points to the Municipality, this way we can identify ourselves for tourists who may not know where to find us.

*Landscaping Competition – the beautification of the Municipality is very important to attract tourists to our area. We are looking into a competition to encourage people to fix up their properties at the same time this will encourage business for our local greenhouse.

*Maintain and grow the Fall Festival – one of our main attractions is our Fall Festival with approximately 3 – 4 thousand visitors over three days, we need to continue to improve our infrastructure and grow our attractions.